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The last 2 weeks I’ve been testing the Wunderbrow from Wunder2.
You can’t deny the brow trend these days… Everywhere you look, you see beauty products for more expressive brows, brow saloons, …
But I have to confess; I’m not a huge fan of the very thick and ‘too much’ brows you sometimes see on women… I prefer a subtle brow look!
So when they asked me to review this Wunderbrow, I was sceptic at first, bit also determined to make it something of my own!
So here’s my review…

The Wunderbrow promises you a killer look within 2 minutes, one that’s waterproof and stays for three days…

So this is how it works:

With this brush you define and add more color to your brows. The PermalFix gel Technology locks color and tiny hair fibers to the skin giving you thicker, more defined brows. Because I like a natural look, I didn’t add too much.
Then you take the little black brush, and you comb your brows and spread the gel evenly over the whole brow.

In less than 2 minutes my brows were done, and they had a natural, but more intense look! I really loved it!! It was not too much nor overdone, it was just what I like!
And indeed the gel is definitely waterproof and it stayed for 3 days!

Here you can see the result, left before and right after… What do you think?

I can recommend this Wunderbrow to everyone. For a light natural look or a more intense look, and very easy to use!
A must have in your daily make-up kit!

You can buy the Wunderbrow at your Di shop.

Lots of love,



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