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SUN 68: blue pink comfy look


Hi sweeties,

Now that spring has definitely arrived, it’s time for a new blogpost.
A new look from SUN68.
SUN68 is an Italian casual-wear brand, dedicated to designing clothes with particular attention to details and research in materials.

You all now me as a women who loves to wear girly dresses & skirts or pants.
But I also love to wear comfy pants! The ones that are more like jogging pants or sweat pants…
As you know, I’m a mother of three boys. And these kind of pants are so lovely to wear in my busy life! I’m always running around! Cooking, cleaning, shopping, blogging, … never a dull moment! ;o))
But I want to show you that you don’t always have to combine them with a hoodie or a plain sweater. No!! Let me show how you can easily style the sweat pants very classy & stylish, thanks to SUN68.

As you can see, this comfy jogging pants, has a very nice and stylish cut. The wide and flared legs give this pants a lovely look.
As I don’t want it to be too much of a jogging/sports look, I combined it with a pink striped blouse, in soft colors and a flat collar. And then these awesome pink sneakers, they really are sooo comfortable! Right from the first fitting I felt: in these babies I won’t have any foot-pains!! If you look very carefully, you’ll see there’s a little glitter in it…
(girls run faster ;o))

BUT as we al know, in Belgium, the weather isn’t always this lovely… So I also have this cute blue jacket to go with this look.
This jacket feels like a jeans jacket. You can wear it very casually but also for a party! The nice details make it very special!!
It completes the look, and I’m ready to go.

I’m very satisfied with the quality of the clothes of SUN68. They fit perfectly, the fabrics are sturdy and of a high quality, the clothes keep their shape and color, and the shoes are TOP!!

What do you think of my SUN68 comfy look???
Let me know!

Lots of love,



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