Roomba 866 AKA our Rudy….


Hi sweeties,

Time for a new blog post!
This time no beauty, fashion or outfits… Today I’d like to tell you if it all worked out between Rudy and me…. 😅😍
Those who follow my Instastories already know that we have a new roommate since a month or so… Rudy the automatic vacuum cleaner, the Roomba 866 from iRobot.

When they asked me a while ago to test this vacuuming robot and to share my experiences with you, I was really curious! I already heard about it several times but I had never seen one. I also didn’t see it in action yet.
When our new friend arrived at our house, my boys and I wanted to give him a name, and together we chose the name Rudy. First I read all related information thoroughly and then we could start…

Rudy spent the first week in the kitchen. We have a large kitchen, with a very large table and 10 chairs around it. You can pre-program the Roomba/Rudy to start at a certain day and time, but we chose to turn it on whenever we felt it was necessary. Usually I did this while I was relaxing in my chair during the evening. The only annoying aspect was that we had to put all the chairs up on the table, so that he could do his work smoothly and thoroughly. AND they all had to be put down again afterwards… But ‘Rudy’ does his job thoroughly!! He goes around all obstacles really nicely, and only bumps into things softly. So no broken pieces!
But after a week I still felt that raising all the chairs was a hassle, so I found myself vacuuming with the regular vacuum cleaner again…
So we moved Rudy upstairs… and that was a hit!
Because we are a family of 5, and the bathroom is used on a daily basis by everyone, vacuuming is often necessary here.
So every morning, when everyone has left for work or school, I open all doors, remove all the bath mats, and Rudy starts! He vacuums the entire first floor, and afterwards he turns back to his recharging station. Something that’s also really great: Rudy detects when he comes close to the edge of the stairs, and he won’t go any further. He’ll never fall off the stairs!
And then, when I come home, the entire upper floor is vacuumed and I can quickly put the mats back in place!

The nicest thing about Rudy?? While he is vacuuming, I can finally sit down for a coffee. Or I can free up some time for my e-mails and my blog…
It gives me some breathing space from being a busy mother, some time to do something else!

So yes… the love for Rudy is big at our house! He can stay a member of our family, and hopefully he’ll give us plenty of time to do other fun things… Thanks to all of his work we get some free time instead of spending it vacuuming!

And… Would Rudy be welcome at your house?

Lots of love



check out: Irobot for more information. 

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  • Reply Yara 11.03.2018 at 09:40

    Ooh deze is heel handig! Ik heb een tijdje de roomba van mijn oma mogen lenen, maar deze is helaas kapot gegaan.

    • Reply Looksoflena 15.03.2018 at 20:07

      Hoi Yara, ja super handig he!! kan hem ni meer missen! ;o))


    • Reply Looksoflena 08.04.2018 at 22:19

      Ja hij is echt super in gebruik he!!


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