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Hi sweeties,

Time for a new beauty blogpost…
A while ago I received 4 musthaves from SAMPAR. SAMPAR is a French beauty label, that stands out in quality and design.
I was very curious about these 4 products, because for me, it was the first time that I heard of this brand… I have never used it before.
Immediately I loved the pink & silver packaging! But would these products also do what they promised?

Let me show you the products, and then I’d like to share with you my thoughts about each one of them.

  1. Glamour Shot Eyes

    Glamour Shot Eyes is a transparant under-eye concealer that, one minute after application, erases dark circles, brightens the dark areas around the eyes and blurs under-eye wrinkles and fine lines, providing a long lasting anti-wrinkles action.
    👉 This really is a good product that does what it promises!! I love it!! When I use this one in the morning, my eyes brighten up, and they look fresh again. NOT after 1 minute, rather after a few minutes. But still… Can’t miss this one anymore!!

2. Golden Glow

The Golden Glow is a tinted moisturizing cream that instantly warms the skin tone and reveals a natural glow day after day… without self-tanner! Enriched with reflective goldescent minerals, its powerful formula maintains a 24-hour hydratation, strengthens the skin’s self-defense against photo-aging UV rays, prepares and prolongs tan.
👉 God I love this one even more!! Using this one in the morning after my day cream, and my complexion is glowing, my skin reveals a natural sunkissed effect!! For me this one is sooo good, because my body tans very fast and very good. But my face always tans less… So now I use this Golden Glow, and it’s like I just went on a short summer holiday. Not too much, just that extra sunkissed glow!!

3. The Impossible Eye Care

Formulated with 45% of concentrated actives, the Impossible Eye care is the 1st immediate light treatment that instantly illuminates and lifts the eye contour, targeting all signs of aging on the long term to rejuvenate and refresh the gaze.
👉 I wasn’t blown away as much as with the Glamour Shot Eyes, but I see that this one is rather for the long term… It’s more like a good eye care creme. So I use this one in the evening after my night creme, to take care of the wrinkles around my eyes. They say: ’45 % less wrinkles in only 2 months’… So I’ll continue using this one!!

4. Glamour Shot

Glamour Shot is a transparant foundation, with a blurring effect that guarantees a flawless and immediate result on your skin with long term benefits. Especially thought for all skin tones, it evens out and mattifies the complexion, pores and imperfections.
👉 Love this one too!!! It gives my skin this perfect glow without make up, my complexion is immediately unified, and fine lines seem smoothed.

Well… I think I know why SAMPAR calls these 4 products their MUSTHAVES!! I’m a big fan!

You can buy these beauties in several pharmacies and drugstores.

Have you ever tried some of these 4 musthaves??






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