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Hi sweeties,

Time for a review of these Instytutum beauty products…

Instytutum is designed  for those who understand the power of science, who embrace the benefits of pure water, who hold education close to their heart and believe that giving is a way of life. Therefore they support communities in need of pure water. I think that’s a very noble cause.

They believe in a holistic approach that will benefit your overall health as well as the look and quality of your skin. INSTYTUTUM not only provides effective skincare that targets all skin concerns, but also offers a specially-formulated supplement to support a healthy lifestyle.

Many factors contribute to our overall well-being. From using creams, lotions, and a high SPF to protect skin from premature aging and sun exposure, to drinking enough water, eating a well-balanced, healthy diet, getting regular excercise and reducing stress. It is essential to provide the body with the power of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. They give the skin a more radiant, healthy and youthful glow. They make us feel more energized in general and increase resilience against free radicals, stress and environmental influences.

Every morning I used the Day Cream. It’s a very smooth and light cream, and my skin absorbs it very quickly!
This product is really lovely to use. Not greasy, and that’s what I like. Because after my day cream I immediately put my make up on.

Every evening before I went to sleep, I used these Flawless Pads… OMG they are awesome!! These powerfull easy-to-use presoaked pads are formulated with glycolic, lactic, citric, hyaluronic and salicylic acids, plus provitamin B5 and vitamin PP, that reduce pore size, fine lines and wrinkles. And it improves skin tone, texture and luminosity. They also promote collagen production and cell turnover, whilst improving hyperpigmentation and boosting moisture.
This TOP BEAUTY PRODUCT leaves your skin smooth, firm and renewed in one quick step. Great for all skin types, including dry and sensitive ones.
Gotto admit it… I’m a HUGE fan!! 😍

After the Flawless Pads, I used the Serum. It hydrates my skin intensively, and it softens and lightens the tone. It really alleviates the tight sensation of dryness.
You could also use it in the morning before your day cream.

I’ve found myself a new brand for my daily skin care routine… Love these products of Instytutum. I want to discover more of their range…

What’s your daily skin routine??

Lots of Love,



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