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Hi sweeties,

I’m very proud to announce you that I have been nominated for the Hunkemöller Blogger Awards, category: Lingerie…
Please read my blog post below and if you like it, vote for me on the Hunkemöller site. (in the category LINGERIE #4)
Hunkemöller Blogger Awards


All of us ladies, we all like pretty lingerie, don’t we?? My favorite shop for the prettiest lingerie sets is Hunkemöller.
I have a Hunkemöller shop nearby so that’s pretty seductive…

What do you think of this new lingerie set?
I fell in love with the beautiful blue-grey color. It’s perfect for the fall and the upcoming winter. So in love with the fine lace and the pretty details. Did you spot the cute little light blue bow ties??
Hunkemöller has many shops all over Belgium, but they also have a perfect website! You can order your favorite items and they deliver them at home, in a beautiful box, wrapped in lovely silk paper… a present for yourself!!
Because I don’t have such a big bosom, I prefer my bras to have filled cups. That gives me a better feeling and makes me more confident.
And isn’t that something we all want?? For me, the perfect lingerie is the first step towards more self confidence. When I wear a lovely lingerie set like this, I already feel a lot prettier.

I think it’s really important to choose the right lingerie underneath your outfit. It can make your outfit just that little bit better because your bosom and butt will look at their best!
During these fall days I love to wear just the pretty lingerie underneath a big soft knitted sweater, like the pink one in the picture… it really fits so well with the colors of this lingerie set.

Go visit the website of Hunkemöller, and pick out your favorite lingerie set…
Sooo many lovely choices!! I’m curious which color & style you prefer.

Lots of love,


P.S. Don’t forget to vote for me on the Hunkemöller website. 😘
(in the category LINGERIE #4)
Hunkemöller Blogger Awards

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