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Hello sweeties,

Since I’m back from my ski trip, I finally found the time to write a new blog post!
And it will be all about my new favorite brand SVNTY

SVNTY  has a shop in Antwerp in the Schuttershofstraat 31. It’s a non-normative fashion brand for women and kids who wish to live out of the ordinary. They really have awesome pieces of fashion and the most lovely and comfy sneakers… It’s hard to choose from their collection!!! This brand offers you prêt-à-porter fashion for every day! Whether you’re going to work, picking up your kids from school or going to a party… with SVNTY you’re always looking FASHIONABLE!!

A few weeks ago I shopped for a few outfits at SVNTY… Wanna take a look at all these wonderful combinations??
I’m curious for what your favorite SVNTY look will be.

First look is this lovely summer sweater with blue/green, bling-bling peacock eyes. Have you seen the open back??

Next look is a very classy one…
I immediately fell in love with these trousers, black sweater ánd the graffiti sneakers!! (Aren’t they awesome??)

This look is sporty, sweet and soft at the same time…
Take a look at the lovely embroidery on the sweater…

In the next look it’s all about the lace back… 
When I wore those super comfy sneakers for the first time, I didn’t want to take them off anymore!!!

Have you ever seen a t-shirt that cute?? Look at the fringes on the sides!!


And last but not least… this wonderful sparkling sweater…

Which one is your favorite look?? Let me know!!

Lots of love,



fashion and sneakers at SVNTY
Bags from Burkely.

Fashion Lifestyle



Hi sweeties,

It’s been a while, so time for a new blogpost!
I would love to tell you about a wonderful collaboration I’m doing with the Belgian brand Bieriel.
This awesome brand makes cozy, soft fashion with positive vibes & good feelings! As a warm cocoon against the cold world…

Those who follow me on Instagram know that I’m a real sweater-addict! I received 2 of their lovely sweaters… 

Let’s have a look at how I styled them…

The first look is with the grey Chançard sweater. I combined this very soft sweater with a long black skirt and my Adidas  sneakers, or with a blue ripped jeans…

Second look ….

This dark blue, soft sweater with bling bling ‘Realized’… also with a jeans or…

a silver pleated skirt from Open32. .

Can fashion make the world a little bit better?? O YES with BIERIEL!

Lots of love,