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October 2017


Louis Widmer


Hello there!

Here’s a new blogpost for you! Today I would like to review these 2 products of Louis Widmer, from their Remederm line :
The Remederm Face cream UV 20 and the Remederm Body Oil Spray…

The Remederm line of Louis Widmer is usually recommended by dermathologists, for a very dry skin.
A dry skin can no longer  perform its function of natural barrier. The skin is no longer able to hold on moisture.
This causes itching and skin irritation. Remederm hydrates and nourishes the skin intensively, enhances skin barrier performance and effectively protects against harmful effects from the outside.

The Remederm Face Cream p
rotects, cares and hydrates. It urges deep into the skin Provides skin with sophisticated active ingredients Strengthens hydration and nourishes the skin.
👉 It’s a very thick cream, but your skin absorbs it quickly. For my it was not good to use it every day, because I already have a greasy skin on my forhead, chin and nose. And so my skin was to shiny. BUT I now use this cream 2 times a week, to nourish it well, and to take advantage of all its good actions.

The Remederm Body oil spray is a h 
igh-quality oil thats feed the skin with sophisticated lipids.
The vitamin A enhances hydration, and the vitamin E neutralizes free radicals.
I really love it!! When summer is over my legs are often very dry, and my skin is ‘cracked’… and this Body oil is perfect for that! The Body oil urges quickly in the skin, and doesn’t leave any grease on your clothes! And it also smells lovely!
Top product!!👌❤

“Take care of your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life!”

Lots of love for all of you!





Fall looks


Hi sweeties,

The past week it was almost summer again… Did you also enjoy the sun and the warm days?
We would almost forget it’s fall already! 😄
But the hot days are over now. So let’s take a look at some fall outfits! 🍂🍂
I want to show you some looks from the lovely webshop Crumbs & Clothes… and my 2 new bags from Burkely!

First look: a burgundy dress… Definitely my favorite fall color:

I combined it with my new black Burkely bag (Magic Milou), and my new golden studded boots.
This warm, wine red dress is so comfortable to wear! And look at the trumpet sleeves!! 😍
You can always add a pair of black stockings.

Watch: Violet & Hamden

Let’s take a look at the second outfit: a long, cozy army cardigan from Crumbs & Clothes & a green leather bag (Noble Nova) from Burkely

This look is awesome for the fall days, just add a ripped jeans, a silk blouse & a pair of brown boots! And you’re ready for a day in the city or a walk in the park!
And when days are getting colder, you can always use the cardigan as a coat! Just add an extra sweater underneath!

So sweeties, I hope I’ve given you a little fall inspiration for your outfits…
Let me know what’s your favorite!

Lots of love


Fashion Lifestyle

Hunkemöller – Pretty lingerie


Hi sweeties,

I’m very proud to announce you that I have been nominated for the Hunkemöller Blogger Awards, category: Lingerie…
Please read my blog post below and if you like it, vote for me on the Hunkemöller site. (in the category LINGERIE #4)
Hunkemöller Blogger Awards


All of us ladies, we all like pretty lingerie, don’t we?? My favorite shop for the prettiest lingerie sets is Hunkemöller.
I have a Hunkemöller shop nearby so that’s pretty seductive…

What do you think of this new lingerie set?
I fell in love with the beautiful blue-grey color. It’s perfect for the fall and the upcoming winter. So in love with the fine lace and the pretty details. Did you spot the cute little light blue bow ties??
Hunkemöller has many shops all over Belgium, but they also have a perfect website! You can order your favorite items and they deliver them at home, in a beautiful box, wrapped in lovely silk paper… a present for yourself!!
Because I don’t have such a big bosom, I prefer my bras to have filled cups. That gives me a better feeling and makes me more confident.
And isn’t that something we all want?? For me, the perfect lingerie is the first step towards more self confidence. When I wear a lovely lingerie set like this, I already feel a lot prettier.

I think it’s really important to choose the right lingerie underneath your outfit. It can make your outfit just that little bit better because your bosom and butt will look at their best!
During these fall days I love to wear just the pretty lingerie underneath a big soft knitted sweater, like the pink one in the picture… it really fits so well with the colors of this lingerie set.

Go visit the website of Hunkemöller, and pick out your favorite lingerie set…
Sooo many lovely choices!! I’m curious which color & style you prefer.

Lots of love,


P.S. Don’t forget to vote for me on the Hunkemöller website. 😘
(in the category LINGERIE #4)
Hunkemöller Blogger Awards


Items’14: Knitwear made in Antwerp.


Hi sweeties,

New blogpost… all warm and cozy! 😊
A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet the lovely Claudia de Vos from Items’14 Antwerp. What a lovely, inspiring and enthusiastic lady. She sells and distributes the most lovely hand knitted cardigans, scarfs, jumpers, beanies… Really, I fell in love with them immediately… So soft, warm, cozy & classy!! She works with natural materials like mohair, silk and Alpaca.
Between all those lovely cardigans I chose two: a long, very soft, dark blue one, and the Bubble Bubble cardigan.
They’re both very different, but oh so nice. It’s a pleasure wearing those hand made cardigans… Wanna take a look at how I’ve styled them??

I’ve combined the long blue cardigan with a silk blouse, also from Items’14 Antwerp and a ripped jeans.
Underneath, my cool black boots. It gives the look a tough appearance.

The Bubbles Bubbles Cardigan is a true HIT on Instagram… And rightly so!

I’ve combined this one with a black leather pair of trousers, also from Items’14 Antwerp. They actually fit wonderful!!
Underneath a white lace top…

Do you also love these comfy hand knitted cardigans?
Tell me: What’s your favorite one??

Lots of love,