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September 2017


Golden booties – Melvin & Hamilton


Hi sweeties,

In this new blog post, I want to show you my new GOLDEN booties from Melvin & Hamilton. 💫
Yes, really… Shiny, sparkling, golden booties! It was love at first sight…💛💛💛

Melvin & Hamilton is a German brand, by the brothers Karim and Olivier Choukar, who handcraft footwear with a distinctive character… Every pair is so lovely to see, and finished very beautifully with a keen eye for detail.
Between all the lovely pairs, there was one that immediately caught my eye… these golden ones!!
This pair of shoes demands all your attention, they are the eye-catchers of any look. So when I was wondering how to style them…. I was thinking that the rest of my outfit had to be sober, not too many colors, not too bright…
Let’s take a look at how I styled my Golden Booties…

Can’t take my eyes off of them ;o) They are so awesome, and they fit perfectly!!

As you can see; I styled them with a pair of destroyed jeans & a big comfy, knitted sweater. Perfect for the upcoming fall days.🍂 I love these big oversized sweater-looks.
This way the attention is drawn towards the shoes, and not to the clothes. A little golden belt in my jeans matches fine with the shoes. And my favorite Chanel bag is the finishing touch of this look…

Very curious what you all think of this look… Let me know!!

If you like the boots, or another pair from Melvin & Hamilton, you can order your own pair and get €10 discount using my code: LenaxMelvin (valid on all orders above €75, until November 19, 2017)

Lots of ‘golden’ love,




Wide Open Eyes – Estée Lauder


Hi sweeties,

Time for a new beauty blogpost!
Let me tell you all about the new Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix by Estee Lauder….

Did you know that the skin around your eyes is about 4 times thinner than the skin on the rest of your body??
Which makes it far more vulnerable. Every day your eyes experience over 10.000 micro movements, which can contribute to the look of ageing around your eyes. If each blink of your eye equals one step, then this means your eyes take an 8 kilometer walk every day!!!! 😱
These continuous movements can lead to increased irritation and damage, that can accelerate the appearance of lines, wrinkles and more…

To help you better understand how your eyes move, Estée Lauder has produced an unique video: “See the World with Wide-Open Eyes – a 360° film”.

I had the opportunity of watching this movie with the VR viewer they provided!

This discovery led to the development of the new Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix, a formula with an innovative 360° Matrix Technology that optimally restores and strengthens the skin around the eyes and reduces visible signs of skin ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles.

I have been testing the new Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix for two weeks now… and these are my findings…

You all know that I’m not in my twenties anymore ;o)) So yes I have wrinkles and lines… But hey, I’m fine with that.
But what bothers me the most is the puffiness of my eyes in the morning!! It’s like I didn’t get any sleep when I wake up… My eyes are swollen and it takes about an hour before that disappears.
BUT since I’ve been using the new Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix by Estée Lauder it’s gone… Really! I’m not joking! My eyes are looking more awake and fresh in the morning.
I also noticed that the skin around my eyes is not so dry anymore, it’s well hydrated and nourished thanks to the double concentrated infusion of Hyaluronic Acid. And so the little lines and wrinkles are softened. I know they will not disappear, but there’s a huge difference even after 2 weeks. The skin around my eyes is firmer and I have a fresher and healthier look!
The bottle also has the 360 degrees massaging applicator that is so fun to use! It feels great and refreshing!

For me it’s a keeper!
The new Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix  has become the favourite part of my daily evening skincare routine!

Lots of love,



Shop the new Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix.

Fashion Lifestyle

Soft grey look – Repeat Cashmere


Hello there sweeties!

So happy to show you this new look for fall! In collaboration with Repeat Cashmere.
I received this oh so soft grey cashmere cardigan… I can’t tell you how happy I was when I found it in my mailbox… Love at first sight!
You know, I’m not a jacket lover in the winter, I’d rather wear a cosy cardigan like this one. It will definitely be my favorite the upcoming fall months!

Let’s take a look at how I styled it…

A few weeks ago I already bought this cute little grey hat at H&M… and it turned out to be a perfect match with the grey cardigan! It’s makes the look a little bit more stylish… I love it!!
A white blouse and black pants complete this look. But I didn’t want it to be too ‘old’ or ‘stiff’… So I added my cool boots… ;o))
And that turned out to be perfect finishing touch!

A little surprise for you: You can get a 15% discount for your first order at, just click on this link.

Do you love this look as much as I do?? let me know!!

Lots of love,


Soft grey cardigan: Repeat Cashmere
Hat: H&M
Watch: Cluse (Promo code 15%: LOOKSOFLENA15)
Boots: Jessica Buurman







Outfit: These cut open boots…


Hi sweeties!

It’s September already… Time goes by so fast! School started again, summer is almost over…
And yes, a new season is almost there, FALL🍂

A while ago I fell in love with these cut out boots, you’ve probably seen them on Instagram… And now, I’ve got a pair of my own, from Manfield.

I really LOVE these black cut open boots! They are very comfy!!
You know I like girly dresses but there’s also a cool, tough side to me… ;o))
So let’s take a look at how I’ve styled these boots…

With a black jeans, these boots are awesome! I like to wear some short fishnet stockings in them…
The black combines beautiful with gold, so I added a golden ‘GOLD MINE’ shirt and a gold coloured watch.
A cool, tough look but not too much…

I’m ready for fall, and some nice walks in the forest with my new boots
What do you think of this new look & my new boots??
Let me know sweeties!

Lots of Love,


watch : Christian Paul
shirt : Zara
Trousers : Only