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August 2017


Fall is just around the corner.


Hi sweeties!

Did you also enjoy your summer and your summer holiday?? 😎 I had a great time in France…
Although summer is my favourite season, by the end of it I always look forward to the next wonderful season… FALL🍁🍂🌲.
Don’t you love those fall colours, warm woolen cardigans, walks in the forest…
And of course: new collections in all stores! New outfits to wear!
I selected 2 lovely dresses for you at Fashiola!
Gotta love this site: they give you lots of websites in 1 place! So you can create a new look using multiple websites. So handy!!

Let’s have a look…

The first dress is a short black & green one, with flowers. It has lovely ruffled sleeves and a waistbelt. I combined it with my black buckle biker boots, a black bag, also found at Fashiola, and a black hat.
I love this new trend: the combination of a girly dress and cool boots!!
In the fall you can still wear it bare legged, but in winter you could always wear it with a pair of black stockings and a black cardigan or a black leather jacket…

Next look: another flowered dress, but now longer and off-shoulder. I thought the short, studded boots were a better fit with this look. And my new black bag from Fashiola also went perfectly with this look… Let me show you…

Are you ready for the next season?? Take a look at and create/shop your own Fall-outfits!! 🍁🍂🌳
What do you think of mine? Do you also LOVE the girly dresses in combination with the cool black ankle boots?
Let me know!

Lots of LOVE,

Food Lifestyle

Joy of Matcha


Hello sweeties,

After a holiday of 4 weeks, I finally found the time for a new blogpost… all about Matcha Tea 🌱💚 from Joy of Matcha.

A long standing tradition of Japanese culture, Matcha Green Tea is the highest quality powdered green tea available.
It’s one of the most powerful super foods on the market today: it’s high in antioxidants, enhances calmness, boosts your concentration, boosts your energy, burns calories, detoxifies the body, …

So you can see it has a lot of healthy benefits… but is it also tasty? I’ve tested this Joy of Matcha 💚
First I made a Matcha green tea:
Add 1 spoon of powder with your special bamboo stick …

A little bit of hot water (not boiling) to dissolve the powder… and then the rest (60-80ml)

Now start whisking with your special bamboo whisker, in a W or M shape to get a soft and silky foam.

Mmmm Matcha Green Tea… I was a little afraid of the taste in the beginning, but I have to say that I like it! It tastes like a strong green tea. You can add a little bit of sugar but that is not necessary.
I also tried to make a Matcha LATTE and I have to admit that it was even better!!

I used the milk creamer of my Nespresso machine to ad some whipped milk.

Really delicious! 😋🌱

Have you ever tasted a Matcha Green Tea or a Matcha Latte??
You can make your own with Joy of Matcha 💚

Lots of Love,