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March 2017


The Musthaves



Spring is right around the corner. And I’m so looking forward to it! 
I could use some sunshine, and so does my wardrobe… 
The Musthaves helped me with that, and they’ve sent me 4 of their top items, real MUSTHAVES!
A black scuba skirt, a black lace body, a pink oversized sweater and a raw damaged grey t-shirt!
Wanna take a look at how I styled them?

This cute scuba skirt… I love it!!! It’s very classy in this totally black look.

And combined with the raw damaged grey t-shirt, it’s totally different… a more casual look. 

The pink oversized sweater immediately stole my heart… The soft pink color matches great with a pair of destroyed blue jeans! 

Oh and then this lace body… so nice!!! It really fits under everything! And yes… it’s kinda sexy! 

I hope I could inspire you a little bit to make your closet spring proof!! 
Go check out the lovely fashion items from The Musthaves!!

Which one is your favorite Musthave item?? I cannot choose, LOVE all 4 of them!!!

Lots of love,



Brown Bag: Burkely
Small bag with sunglasses: Siësta
Black Bag: Chanel
Watch: Christian Paul Watches
Outfits: The Musthaves

Fashion Lifestyle



Hi sweeties,

It’s been a while, so time for a new blogpost!
I would love to tell you about a wonderful collaboration I’m doing with the Belgian brand Bieriel.
This awesome brand makes cozy, soft fashion with positive vibes & good feelings! As a warm cocoon against the cold world…

Those who follow me on Instagram know that I’m a real sweater-addict! I received 2 of their lovely sweaters… 

Let’s have a look at how I styled them…

The first look is with the grey Chançard sweater. I combined this very soft sweater with a long black skirt and my Adidas  sneakers, or with a blue ripped jeans…

Second look ….

This dark blue, soft sweater with bling bling ‘Realized’… also with a jeans or…

a silver pleated skirt from Open32. .

Can fashion make the world a little bit better?? O YES with BIERIEL!

Lots of love,