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February 2017


My classy look…


Hi sweeties!

In this new post I’d like to tell you about my awesome collaboration with Open32 and Silvercreek.

This look makes me long for better, sunny days…

Let’s take a look!! 

I was so happy with this chance… they gave me a full outfit:
A very stylish black and white jacket ‘Kirsten’,  a wonderful black lace top ‘Sunny’ and a very comfy, perfect fitting grey jeans ‘Amber’…

It’s such an awesome look! I really feel like a classy lady in this “Chanel” jacket… 
The fabric is very luxurious and a little stretchy, so the jacket is comfy to wear.
The lace top underneath gives the look a little sexy touch! 

It’s often difficult to find the perfect jeans… Well this one is spot on!
It has a perfect fit!!

As we all know, details make your outfit complete… I chose my black hat, also from Open32.
It gives my classy look that extra touch, I love HATS!! Do you??

Al these items are from Silvercreek, and you can shop them exclusively at the Open32 shops, or online @ and

Are you a black and white fan too?
What do you think of this classy look?
Let me know!




Beauty Fashion

Antwerp Diner 2017: party outfit!


Hello sweeties! 

A little while ago, me and my husband were invited to the Antwerp Diner.
A diner and gala evening in favour of AIDS research. More than 10 of Belgian’s finest cooks made us the most delicious dishes…

For this special evening I wanted a special outfit… wanna take a look???

I didn’t want to go for a dress… I thought: If I buy a dress, I’ll never wear it again…
So I went for a classy pants and blouse. Both from ZARA.
The flowers made me feel like spring is right around the corner!

To make my entry, and because after all it was a little chilly… I bought a big scarf with a touch of gold at Veritas.

I completed my look with lots of gold en bling bling! 
A golden clutch and a big golden bracelet from Veritas, my Dukudu watch and a fine bracelet of Shizzie gave my look just the extra touch I wanted…

 Ohhh yes… I LOOOVE the open back of the blouse… 

I decided to do a low classy, messy bun in my hair… I consulted Nanja Massy‘s DIY Beauty Book.
And yes… I was very satisfied with the result…

And so we had a wonderful evening, with delicious food, nice performances, lovely people… and a perfect outfit! 
What more does a girl want??? 

What do you think of my party outfit?
Let me know!

Lots of love,


Testing the naturae line products from Beautique


Hello you!

A new week, a new blogpost!
This time no outfit… but a little more about these beauty products: The Naturae line of Germaine De Capuccini.
Thanks to the sweet Stefanie, I received these 4 products. She has her own beauty salon Beautique.
I’ve been testing them for more than a week now, and I love them.
The Naturae line is a natural, organic line. The products are based on White Tea extract, one of world’s most powerful and effective antioxidants.

Every day I use them in 3 steps:

In the first step, you clean your skin with the Hydrating Cleansing milk. This will take all of the dirt of your skin and makes it soft and clean.

Next step: i apply the Hydrating Toning Lotion. This one prepares your skin for the next step.

Last step is to bring on your Multi-Protection White Tea Facial Cream.
This really makes your skin very smooth.
During winter, my skin was very dry. And now it’s fully hydrated, it feels and looks healthy again.
“Once you see results, it becomes an addiction!”

Once a week, I give my face an extra treatment with this Intense Multi-Protection White Tea Mask:

So I’m very happy and enthusiastic about these beauty line products from Beautique. My skin is well cared for! 

What are your favorite beauty products??

Lots of love,



flatlay/book: DIY Beauty from Nanja Massy