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January 2017


Stripes for the win!


Hello sweeties!

Yes! A new blogpost! 
I would like to show you another one of my outfits. A cosy and warm one, with my Bernadette vest, but also catchy with the stripes!!

I’m a sucker when it comes to stripes… I LOVE stripes!! They give your outfit that Navy-kind-of look!
For this look I’ve chosen a striped turtleneck, that’s cozy & warm on cold winter days!
Do you also like stripes?
I have lots of striped t shirts in my closet… 

My NO bag… that was LOVE at first sight!! 
Those who follow me on Instagram, have already seen that I use it a lot, to style up my looks!
It’s a lovely bag, and very handy!
My boots have the same color, so this is a perfect match!

For cold days these Bernadette vests are amazing… I have them in different colors!
This soft, golden brown one is perfect for finishing this look.

So, I’ve shared another one of my looks with you…
What do you think?
Are you also a fan of this golden brown and striped look?
Let me know!

Bernadette vest, striped turtleneck: Nausikaa Kapellen
Bag and jeans: Zara
Boots: Old ones from Van Dalen

Lots of love,


PS: The next BLOG article will be a post about beauty… 




Hello sweeties,

This new post is all about one brand: TOPWIJF

This a Belgian brand with lovely fashion & accessoires!
But how to translate this word in English?? Not so easy…
The word ánd brand stand for women with power, who are not afraid of chasing their goals, and go for it!
Women who dare to be themselves, create their own look and wear it with pride…

A while ago I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate with this brand. I received an awesome sweater and
a ‘TOPWIJF’-beanie.

Wanna take a look how I styled those items in different ways?

For this first look, I went for a tough looking outfit…
I combined my “Being yourself is the new black”sweater with my boyfriend-jeans, and underneath them a pair of fishnet-stockings! (gotta LOVE this trend!!). A pair off with Adidas sneakers ánd the beanie make the outfit ready to go!!

But the sweater is also adorable with a black tutu-skirt! 
I also preferred a pair of Adidas sneakers here… Yes, I’m a sneaker addict!!

Same sweater… totally different look…
This time with a striped pencil skirt from Open32 and my black leather jacket from ZARA.

And yes… sneakers!! But this time I’ve chosen the black ones…
Black bag:  also from ZARA.

Last but not least: the TOPWIJF-beanie. On a cold winter day, this is my perfect accessory!!
Glasses: store3modeenaccessoires

Well, tell me, what’s your favourite TOPWIJF-look??




A little sunshine and my long brown vest.


Hello there!

This weekend the weather was lovely! Still a cold, but even the sun was out, and that makes such a difference!
We had to visit some family, and this was my outfit…

This long brown vest… I saw it in a little store nearby (Nausikaa in Kapellen) and I instantly fell in love with it…
The color matches just perfectly with my hair! The vest is longer than most other ones, and
that sort of gives it the character of a coat.
So this means I can wear it for a long time, even in spring.
Together with my boots and bag that have a similar color, it’s a perfect match for a great outfit.

Under the brown vest, I’m wearing this cute blue blouse with white dots…
It’s from Only, and I bought it in Modemakers. The color combines nicely  with the warm brown of the vest.

My lovely sunglasses from Store3modeenaccessoires.
And look at my sweet ‘Rebel’ necklace  from Les folies de Sofie!

Well sweeties, I hope you enjoyed another one of my looks! Maybe I could inspire you a little bit…?

Feel free to leave me a comment!

Lots of love,



Cosy knitwear, boots & sunglasses!


Hi sweeties! Welcome on my first blogpost.

The past few days it was very cold outside! And then I like to wear big cosy sweaters like this.

This grey one, is really soft and warm.
I like to combine it with a black jeans, black beanie & bag.

And… with my new black boots from Jessicabuurman!! Ohh I’m so in love with these.
I won them in a contest on their Instagram, how lucky am I??
They make the look instant cool!

On this cold day, the sun was still shining! Which always makes me happy!
So I could finally wear my new IKKI sunglasses, from the wonderful store Store3modeenaccessoires. This lovely store gave me the opportunity to work with them! Go check out their lovely webshop.

I hope you enjoyed my first outfit blogpost, as much as I enjoyed making it!

Feel free to leave a comment.

Do you also love cosy knit wears and cool boots?

Lots of love,

sweater: H&M
bag: Zara
beanie: Only
boots: Jessicabuurman
sunglasses: Store3modeenaccessoires
jeans: Only