Roomba 866 AKA our Rudy….


Hi sweeties,

Time for a new blog post!
This time no beauty, fashion or outfits… Today I’d like to tell you if it all worked out between Rudy and me…. 😅😍
Those who follow my Instastories already know that we have a new roommate since a month or so… Rudy the automatic vacuum cleaner, the Roomba 866 from iRobot.

When they asked me a while ago to test this vacuuming robot and to share my experiences with you, I was really curious! I already heard about it several times but I had never seen one. I also didn’t see it in action yet.
When our new friend arrived at our house, my boys and I wanted to give him a name, and together we chose the name Rudy. First I read all related information thoroughly and then we could start…

Rudy spent the first week in the kitchen. We have a large kitchen, with a very large table and 10 chairs around it. You can pre-program the Roomba/Rudy to start at a certain day and time, but we chose to turn it on whenever we felt it was necessary. Usually I did this while I was relaxing in my chair during the evening. The only annoying aspect was that we had to put all the chairs up on the table, so that he could do his work smoothly and thoroughly. AND they all had to be put down again afterwards… But ‘Rudy’ does his job thoroughly!! He goes around all obstacles really nicely, and only bumps into things softly. So no broken pieces!
But after a week I still felt that raising all the chairs was a hassle, so I found myself vacuuming with the regular vacuum cleaner again…
So we moved Rudy upstairs… and that was a hit!
Because we are a family of 5, and the bathroom is used on a daily basis by everyone, vacuuming is often necessary here.
So every morning, when everyone has left for work or school, I open all doors, remove all the bath mats, and Rudy starts! He vacuums the entire first floor, and afterwards he turns back to his recharging station. Something that’s also really great: Rudy detects when he comes close to the edge of the stairs, and he won’t go any further. He’ll never fall off the stairs!
And then, when I come home, the entire upper floor is vacuumed and I can quickly put the mats back in place!

The nicest thing about Rudy?? While he is vacuuming, I can finally sit down for a coffee. Or I can free up some time for my e-mails and my blog…
It gives me some breathing space from being a busy mother, some time to do something else!

So yes… the love for Rudy is big at our house! He can stay a member of our family, and hopefully he’ll give us plenty of time to do other fun things… Thanks to all of his work we get some free time instead of spending it vacuuming!

And… Would Rudy be welcome at your house?

Lots of love



check out: Irobot for more information. 


Outfit : Floral & stripes – Commafashion


Hi sweeties!

Those who follow me on Instagram know that I like flowered items in my looks! 🌺
Most of the time I combine them with plain colours… just to be safe… But did you know that I really love the mixing patterns trend??
You see them a lot on Pinterest, and I always adore these looks!!
So when Comma gave me a new chance to work with them, I took my chance: floral and stripes: the perfect pattern mixing match!!
Let’s have a look!

Mixing patterns size up the possibilities & wearability of your wardrobe, because now you can create a lot more combos! The match between the classic stripes and the fresh flowers is so lovely in my opinion!

Comma is an international fashion and lifestyle company offering feminine fashion for every occasion.
So I scrolled around on the Comma site and I chose a chiffon flowered dress with a black background, and in combination with the grey/black striped knitted sweater, it does its magic!! 🌟 It just totally works for me!

I combined it with a cute black beanie, and a pair of black leather gloves to complete this lovely look. And at the same time they make it more cool and tough. Also my studded boots underneath the short dress give my look an extra push!

Do you like this mixing patterns trend too?? Would you wear it?
Let me know what you think about it!!


Lots of love,

And a special THANKS to Comma fashion!! 😘 Follow them on Instagram @commafashion



Beauty Lifestyle

Some ME time with Planet Parfum & Decléor.


Hi sweeties,

This will be the first blogpost of the New Year… So let me start by wishing you all a lovely 2018!! 💫

One of my good intentions for the new year is more joy, less stress… And let me tell you that the year started great! After all the holidays, all the diners, and all the busy moments, I really could use a little break… some ME TIME!

So a few days ago, I was invited to the Planet Parfum Institute in Antwerp for a Decléor Aromassage beauty treatment…
And yes, I enjoyed every minute of it. And I was so relaxed afterwards!

It was a warm welcome in the Planet Parfum Institute. They told me everything about Decléor’s products. Decléor only works with natural ingredients, essential and botanical oils. They smell so lovely! I’m loving these products already!!

In a warm and cosy room my treatment started with a facial cleaning & massage. Some relaxing music made me feel very comfy and relaxed.
After that, I had a back massage and an aroma pressure point massage. The essential oil had an aroma so lovely that it left me totally zen!
But the best thing was yet to come: the facial massage, also with aroma pressure… The best I’ve ever had! Followed by a cleaning mask composed by the beautician using only natural products.
A good serum and a day care cream ended this lovely treatment….

Are you also a little tired?
Could you also use some ME TIME?
Do you also need a little break?

Well… Then I have some good news!! Thanks to Planet Parfum, I can make one of you very happy with the same beauty treatment!! (Aromassage) in the Planet Parfum Beauty Institute of your choice!
Are you in? Then head over to my Instagram page @looksoflena, search for this picture, and follow all the steps! Good luck everybody!!
Meanwhile, If you can’t wait to have this lovely me time too, you can easily make an appointment on the Planet Parfum website!! Don’t hesitate! I promise you: You’ll never have felt so relaxed!!

Lots of love,








Hi sweeties,

I would like to tell you all about one of my favorite shops… Barcelona! Do you already know this lovely fashion shop? You can find one in Antwerp, Kontich, Schilde, Knokke or Brasschaat. So you can definitely find one nearby your place!

Barcelona has the most wonderfull outfits… When I visit them, I always come home with something new! Really love their style!
They don’t only have fashion, but also awesome jewelry, lovely handbags, candles for our home… So If you’re still looking for some Christmas presents… you’ll surely find lots of them at Barcelona!!

Today I would like to show you 2 outfits from Barcelona…. Let’s take a look!

As you already know I’m a mother of 3 boys, I’m a teacher and I’m always busy… So I like to wear pants! With this one, it was love at first sight!! The leaves print is so beautiful!! I’ve combined it with a fine black woolen sweater, my Chanel bag and some black Adidas Stan Smith sneakers. And you instantly have a classy, comfy look.
But these pants also look lovely with a pair of high heels and a black blouse… And hop you’re ready for a party!!

For the second look: more pants!! :o)) But now a striped one and a more sporty look.

This striped pants is so comfy!!! As it has been so cold lately, I’ve combined it with a big, oversized knitted sweater. This ecru sweater has a golden thread in it, which makes it very sparkling and chique.
A pair of comfy sneakers underneath and my busy day is ON!

Hope you liked my looks from Barcelona!?? Go check out which one of their shops is the closest to you, and pay them a visit! I promise you, you’ll find lots of new items or full looks!
And when you’re there, spoil yourself with a nice piece of jewelry or a fancy bag!!

Which look do you prefer the most?

Lots of love,





Instytutum beauty products


Hi sweeties,

Time for a review of these Instytutum beauty products…

Instytutum is designed  for those who understand the power of science, who embrace the benefits of pure water, who hold education close to their heart and believe that giving is a way of life. Therefore they support communities in need of pure water. I think that’s a very noble cause.

They believe in a holistic approach that will benefit your overall health as well as the look and quality of your skin. INSTYTUTUM not only provides effective skincare that targets all skin concerns, but also offers a specially-formulated supplement to support a healthy lifestyle.

Many factors contribute to our overall well-being. From using creams, lotions, and a high SPF to protect skin from premature aging and sun exposure, to drinking enough water, eating a well-balanced, healthy diet, getting regular excercise and reducing stress. It is essential to provide the body with the power of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. They give the skin a more radiant, healthy and youthful glow. They make us feel more energized in general and increase resilience against free radicals, stress and environmental influences.

Every morning I used the Day Cream. It’s a very smooth and light cream, and my skin absorbs it very quickly!
This product is really lovely to use. Not greasy, and that’s what I like. Because after my day cream I immediately put my make up on.

Every evening before I went to sleep, I used these Flawless Pads… OMG they are awesome!! These powerfull easy-to-use presoaked pads are formulated with glycolic, lactic, citric, hyaluronic and salicylic acids, plus provitamin B5 and vitamin PP, that reduce pore size, fine lines and wrinkles. And it improves skin tone, texture and luminosity. They also promote collagen production and cell turnover, whilst improving hyperpigmentation and boosting moisture.
This TOP BEAUTY PRODUCT leaves your skin smooth, firm and renewed in one quick step. Great for all skin types, including dry and sensitive ones.
Gotto admit it… I’m a HUGE fan!! 😍

After the Flawless Pads, I used the Serum. It hydrates my skin intensively, and it softens and lightens the tone. It really alleviates the tight sensation of dryness.
You could also use it in the morning before your day cream.

I’ve found myself a new brand for my daily skin care routine… Love these products of Instytutum. I want to discover more of their range…

What’s your daily skin routine??

Lots of Love,






Hi sweeties,

The last 2 weeks I’ve been testing the Wunderbrow from Wunder2.
You can’t deny the brow trend these days… Everywhere you look, you see beauty products for more expressive brows, brow saloons, …
But I have to confess; I’m not a huge fan of the very thick and ‘too much’ brows you sometimes see on women… I prefer a subtle brow look!
So when they asked me to review this Wunderbrow, I was sceptic at first, bit also determined to make it something of my own!
So here’s my review…

The Wunderbrow promises you a killer look within 2 minutes, one that’s waterproof and stays for three days…

So this is how it works:

With this brush you define and add more color to your brows. The PermalFix gel Technology locks color and tiny hair fibers to the skin giving you thicker, more defined brows. Because I like a natural look, I didn’t add too much.
Then you take the little black brush, and you comb your brows and spread the gel evenly over the whole brow.

In less than 2 minutes my brows were done, and they had a natural, but more intense look! I really loved it!! It was not too much nor overdone, it was just what I like!
And indeed the gel is definitely waterproof and it stayed for 3 days!

Here you can see the result, left before and right after… What do you think?

I can recommend this Wunderbrow to everyone. For a light natural look or a more intense look, and very easy to use!
A must have in your daily make-up kit!

You can buy the Wunderbrow at your Di shop.

Lots of love,




Duifhuizen tassen en koffers: My Pinko…


Hi sweeties,

It’s been a while… but here’s a new blogpost for you…
Duifhuizen tassen en koffers offered me the opportunity to choose a bag on their website…
Oh, that was not so easy… so many lovely bags!! But then… there was one little beauty that caught my eye… 👀💓
This LOVELY Pinko crossbody Bag

For as long as I’ve been surfing around on Instagram, I was crushing over the bags from Pinko… Every time a picture with one of them popped up, my heart skipped a beat! 😍
So you can all imagine my joy when I received this beauty from Duifhuizen tassen en koffers!!! They also have a very quick service; because two days after my order, the bag was delivered at my door!! Oh and it was love at first sight!!
I really love the birds on the clip, the combination between the sweet soft pink and purple flowers painted on the bag & the tough chain makes… well that makes it so special!

Wanna see which look I combined with my new Pinko?? Let’s take a look…

A warm winter look… a big soft grey knitted sweater, a black leatherlook pants, some biker boots and a warm beanie…
What do you think?? For me this look fits perfectly with the Pinko crossbody bag. Or should I say: The bag fits perfectly with the look? ;o)
The pink flowers painted on the bag come out better with the grey sweater.

The bag is very firm, and of a high quality! The dimensions of the bag are perfect for me: not too big and not too small: I can put in exactly what I need (my wallet, my phone and my lipsticks ;o))

No need to say I am a very happy girl with my new bag! You will often see it appear in my looks!

Tell me sweeties, what do YOU think of my Pinko bag from Duifhuizen tassen en koffers?? And the winter look?
If you’re looking for a new bag, or maybe a Xmas gift… go check out their website : ….. I’m sure you’ll find your favorite too!
Let me know!!

Lots of love,




Louis Widmer


Hello there!

Here’s a new blogpost for you! Today I would like to review these 2 products of Louis Widmer, from their Remederm line :
The Remederm Face cream UV 20 and the Remederm Body Oil Spray…

The Remederm line of Louis Widmer is usually recommended by dermathologists, for a very dry skin.
A dry skin can no longer  perform its function of natural barrier. The skin is no longer able to hold on moisture.
This causes itching and skin irritation. Remederm hydrates and nourishes the skin intensively, enhances skin barrier performance and effectively protects against harmful effects from the outside.

The Remederm Face Cream p
rotects, cares and hydrates. It urges deep into the skin Provides skin with sophisticated active ingredients Strengthens hydration and nourishes the skin.
👉 It’s a very thick cream, but your skin absorbs it quickly. For my it was not good to use it every day, because I already have a greasy skin on my forhead, chin and nose. And so my skin was to shiny. BUT I now use this cream 2 times a week, to nourish it well, and to take advantage of all its good actions.

The Remederm Body oil spray is a h 
igh-quality oil thats feed the skin with sophisticated lipids.
The vitamin A enhances hydration, and the vitamin E neutralizes free radicals.
I really love it!! When summer is over my legs are often very dry, and my skin is ‘cracked’… and this Body oil is perfect for that! The Body oil urges quickly in the skin, and doesn’t leave any grease on your clothes! And it also smells lovely!
Top product!!👌❤

“Take care of your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life!”

Lots of love for all of you!





Fall looks


Hi sweeties,

The past week it was almost summer again… Did you also enjoy the sun and the warm days?
We would almost forget it’s fall already! 😄
But the hot days are over now. So let’s take a look at some fall outfits! 🍂🍂
I want to show you some looks from the lovely webshop Crumbs & Clothes… and my 2 new bags from Burkely!

First look: a burgundy dress… Definitely my favorite fall color:

I combined it with my new black Burkely bag (Magic Milou), and my new golden studded boots.
This warm, wine red dress is so comfortable to wear! And look at the trumpet sleeves!! 😍
You can always add a pair of black stockings.

Watch: Violet & Hamden

Let’s take a look at the second outfit: a long, cozy army cardigan from Crumbs & Clothes & a green leather bag (Noble Nova) from Burkely

This look is awesome for the fall days, just add a ripped jeans, a silk blouse & a pair of brown boots! And you’re ready for a day in the city or a walk in the park!
And when days are getting colder, you can always use the cardigan as a coat! Just add an extra sweater underneath!

So sweeties, I hope I’ve given you a little fall inspiration for your outfits…
Let me know what’s your favorite!

Lots of love


Fashion Lifestyle

Hunkemöller – Pretty lingerie


Hi sweeties,

I’m very proud to announce you that I have been nominated for the Hunkemöller Blogger Awards, category: Lingerie…
Please read my blog post below and if you like it, vote for me on the Hunkemöller site. (in the category LINGERIE #4)
Hunkemöller Blogger Awards


All of us ladies, we all like pretty lingerie, don’t we?? My favorite shop for the prettiest lingerie sets is Hunkemöller.
I have a Hunkemöller shop nearby so that’s pretty seductive…

What do you think of this new lingerie set?
I fell in love with the beautiful blue-grey color. It’s perfect for the fall and the upcoming winter. So in love with the fine lace and the pretty details. Did you spot the cute little light blue bow ties??
Hunkemöller has many shops all over Belgium, but they also have a perfect website! You can order your favorite items and they deliver them at home, in a beautiful box, wrapped in lovely silk paper… a present for yourself!!
Because I don’t have such a big bosom, I prefer my bras to have filled cups. That gives me a better feeling and makes me more confident.
And isn’t that something we all want?? For me, the perfect lingerie is the first step towards more self confidence. When I wear a lovely lingerie set like this, I already feel a lot prettier.

I think it’s really important to choose the right lingerie underneath your outfit. It can make your outfit just that little bit better because your bosom and butt will look at their best!
During these fall days I love to wear just the pretty lingerie underneath a big soft knitted sweater, like the pink one in the picture… it really fits so well with the colors of this lingerie set.

Go visit the website of Hunkemöller, and pick out your favorite lingerie set…
Sooo many lovely choices!! I’m curious which color & style you prefer.

Lots of love,


P.S. Don’t forget to vote for me on the Hunkemöller website. 😘
(in the category LINGERIE #4)
Hunkemöller Blogger Awards