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Joy of Matcha


Hello sweeties,

After a holiday of 4 weeks, I finally found the time for a new blogpost… all about Matcha Tea 🌱💚 from Joy of Matcha.

A long standing tradition of Japanese culture, Matcha Green Tea is the highest quality powdered green tea available.
It’s one of the most powerful super foods on the market today: it’s high in antioxidants, enhances calmness, boosts your concentration, boosts your energy, burns calories, detoxifies the body, …

So you can see it has a lot of healthy benefits… but is it also tasty? I’ve tested this Joy of Matcha 💚
First I made a Matcha green tea:
Add 1 spoon of powder with your special bamboo stick …

A little bit of hot water (not boiling) to dissolve the powder… and then the rest (60-80ml)

Now start whisking with your special bamboo whisker, in a W or M shape to get a soft and silky foam.

Mmmm Matcha Green Tea… I was a little afraid of the taste in the beginning, but I have to say that I like it! It tastes like a strong green tea. You can add a little bit of sugar but that is not necessary.
I also tried to make a Matcha LATTE and I have to admit that it was even better!!

I used the milk creamer of my Nespresso machine to ad some whipped milk.

Really delicious! 😋🌱

Have you ever tasted a Matcha Green Tea or a Matcha Latte??
You can make your own with Joy of Matcha 💚

Lots of Love,





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My cute little bag from Détail.


Hello sweeties! Time for a new blog post… about this cute little bag from Détail.

Détail is a Belgian fashion brand of jewellery and accessories. Every “détail” is designed in Belgium and is made by hand in India.
They want to offer you an “honest” and “unique” product, made with natural materials (gemstones, leather, silk, silver wood…)
The lovely bags are 100% fairtrade, 100% fairfashion and 100% handmade: each bag looks different on the inside…

I’ve chosen this little ecru/gold bag, and i LOVE it!! It’s perfect for summer and all my summer outfits!
You can wear it like me… but you can also wear it over one shoulder, as a clutch, or around your waist.
There’s just enough room for my wallet, my Iphone, my lipstick and my sunglasses!! 

Let’s take a look at some pictures with my cute little Détail bag…

Trousers: Lady Like Fashion


Skirt, shirt and sneakers: JMode Shoes and hypes
Watch: Daniel Wellington
Ring: Robzilla

Let me know if you like it and leave me a comment!

lots of LOVE,



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Opel meets fashion!


Hi sweeties,

A new blogpost about my wonderful Saturday evening at the Antwerp Fashion show 2017, thanks to OPEL Belgium!

What an evening!! Last Saturday 03/06 OPEL invited me and my friend to the Antwerp fashion show… and they did it in great STYLE 

We were picked up by Opel’s NEW INSIGNIA… and they drove us to the event.
Outside the event, we were introduced to their new car CROSSLAND X….

What a lovely, hip and trendy car!! Love it!
This car is for everybody! But maybe a little more for all modern, independent women who dare to enjoy the good things in LIFE… a nice cup of coffee, taking good care of herself (mentally and physically), taking some time off in nature….

Maybe you’re asking yourself: What’s the link between a car and fashion??
It’s the design process! Designing a car is very similar to creating a fashion collection!
The new CROSSLAND X was co-designed by the Belgian Thibaut Doneux.

I was excited for this event… What was I going to wear???
This was my outfit for that evening….

A midi floral skirt from ZARA!
I combined it with a simple white shirt and a pair af white Adidas sneakers, and my pink FURLA bag… What do you think of it???
(I have gotten many compliments about it that evening… )

We had some VIP tickets for the event… so there was finger food and drinks, and some yummy desert!!
And I also met an Instagram friend Dorien… So nice to finally meet her and her boyfriend!! We had a lovely evening!!

And then the FASHION SHOW…. It was AWESOME!!! So many talented fashion designers of the future!! I really enjoyed every minute of the show!! 
Let’s take a look at some pictures of my lovely night out….

What a great time we had… Thank you OPEL for having us!!

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures of this event, and my outfit of that evening… 

Lots of LOVE,



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Maasmechelen Village


Hello sweeties!

This Easter weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Maasmechelen Village with my family! 
And we enjoyed every minute off it!
I did some shopping (off course ;o)), there was a delicious chocolate workshop, my little boy hunted a golden Easter Egg, we had a yummie diner and we slept in a wonderful hotel!! 

Let’s take a look at my adventures …

Maasmechelen Village was decorated so lovely, spring and Easter were everywhere!!

Let the hunt for the Golden Egg begin…

Let’s hope we’re gonna WIN this!!!!! 

What did I shop???

This LEVIS Tshirt…

A Liu-Jo jeans with patched Flowers… and…

a little dream… a real FURLA bag!!!!  So happy with it!!! I chose this old pink one… Instand love!!!

Some shopping gives a girl instant happiness and JOY!!! 

We spend the night at this lovely hotel : Terhills. All luxe and comfort, a stunning building, a big room for all 5 of us, and in the morning a delicious breakfast!!

Maasmechelen Village you were AWESOME… Something extraordinary every day… indeed!
We had a lovely weekend full of LOVE, JOY and Quality time! 

See you soon Maasmechelen Village, we’ll be back!!

Lots of love,



Fashion Lifestyle



Hello sweeties,

Since I’m back from my ski trip, I finally found the time to write a new blog post!
And it will be all about my new favorite brand SVNTY

SVNTY  has a shop in Antwerp in the Schuttershofstraat 31. It’s a non-normative fashion brand for women and kids who wish to live out of the ordinary. They really have awesome pieces of fashion and the most lovely and comfy sneakers… It’s hard to choose from their collection!!! This brand offers you prêt-à-porter fashion for every day! Whether you’re going to work, picking up your kids from school or going to a party… with SVNTY you’re always looking FASHIONABLE!!

A few weeks ago I shopped for a few outfits at SVNTY… Wanna take a look at all these wonderful combinations??
I’m curious for what your favorite SVNTY look will be.

First look is this lovely summer sweater with blue/green, bling-bling peacock eyes. Have you seen the open back??

Next look is a very classy one…
I immediately fell in love with these trousers, black sweater ánd the graffiti sneakers!! (Aren’t they awesome??)

This look is sporty, sweet and soft at the same time…
Take a look at the lovely embroidery on the sweater…

In the next look it’s all about the lace back… 
When I wore those super comfy sneakers for the first time, I didn’t want to take them off anymore!!!

Have you ever seen a t-shirt that cute?? Look at the fringes on the sides!!


And last but not least… this wonderful sparkling sweater…

Which one is your favorite look?? Let me know!!

Lots of love,



fashion and sneakers at SVNTY
Bags from Burkely.


The Musthaves



Spring is right around the corner. And I’m so looking forward to it! 
I could use some sunshine, and so does my wardrobe… 
The Musthaves helped me with that, and they’ve sent me 4 of their top items, real MUSTHAVES!
A black scuba skirt, a black lace body, a pink oversized sweater and a raw damaged grey t-shirt!
Wanna take a look at how I styled them?

This cute scuba skirt… I love it!!! It’s very classy in this totally black look.

And combined with the raw damaged grey t-shirt, it’s totally different… a more casual look. 

The pink oversized sweater immediately stole my heart… The soft pink color matches great with a pair of destroyed blue jeans! 

Oh and then this lace body… so nice!!! It really fits under everything! And yes… it’s kinda sexy! 

I hope I could inspire you a little bit to make your closet spring proof!! 
Go check out the lovely fashion items from The Musthaves!!

Which one is your favorite Musthave item?? I cannot choose, LOVE all 4 of them!!!

Lots of love,



Brown Bag: Burkely
Small bag with sunglasses: Siësta
Black Bag: Chanel
Watch: Christian Paul Watches
Outfits: The Musthaves

Fashion Lifestyle



Hi sweeties,

It’s been a while, so time for a new blogpost!
I would love to tell you about a wonderful collaboration I’m doing with the Belgian brand Bieriel.
This awesome brand makes cozy, soft fashion with positive vibes & good feelings! As a warm cocoon against the cold world…

Those who follow me on Instagram know that I’m a real sweater-addict! I received 2 of their lovely sweaters… 

Let’s have a look at how I styled them…

The first look is with the grey Chançard sweater. I combined this very soft sweater with a long black skirt and my Adidas  sneakers, or with a blue ripped jeans…

Second look ….

This dark blue, soft sweater with bling bling ‘Realized’… also with a jeans or…

a silver pleated skirt from Open32. .

Can fashion make the world a little bit better?? O YES with BIERIEL!

Lots of love,




My classy look…


Hi sweeties!

In this new post I’d like to tell you about my awesome collaboration with Open32 and Silvercreek.

This look makes me long for better, sunny days…

Let’s take a look!! 

I was so happy with this chance… they gave me a full outfit:
A very stylish black and white jacket ‘Kirsten’,  a wonderful black lace top ‘Sunny’ and a very comfy, perfect fitting grey jeans ‘Amber’…

It’s such an awesome look! I really feel like a classy lady in this “Chanel” jacket… 
The fabric is very luxurious and a little stretchy, so the jacket is comfy to wear.
The lace top underneath gives the look a little sexy touch! 

It’s often difficult to find the perfect jeans… Well this one is spot on!
It has a perfect fit!!

As we all know, details make your outfit complete… I chose my black hat, also from Open32.
It gives my classy look that extra touch, I love HATS!! Do you??

Al these items are from Silvercreek, and you can shop them exclusively at the Open32 shops, or online @ and

Are you a black and white fan too?
What do you think of this classy look?
Let me know!




Beauty Fashion

Antwerp Diner 2017: party outfit!


Hello sweeties! 

A little while ago, me and my husband were invited to the Antwerp Diner.
A diner and gala evening in favour of AIDS research. More than 10 of Belgian’s finest cooks made us the most delicious dishes…

For this special evening I wanted a special outfit… wanna take a look???

I didn’t want to go for a dress… I thought: If I buy a dress, I’ll never wear it again…
So I went for a classy pants and blouse. Both from ZARA.
The flowers made me feel like spring is right around the corner!

To make my entry, and because after all it was a little chilly… I bought a big scarf with a touch of gold at Veritas.

I completed my look with lots of gold en bling bling! 
A golden clutch and a big golden bracelet from Veritas, my Dukudu watch and a fine bracelet of Shizzie gave my look just the extra touch I wanted…

 Ohhh yes… I LOOOVE the open back of the blouse… 

I decided to do a low classy, messy bun in my hair… I consulted Nanja Massy‘s DIY Beauty Book.
And yes… I was very satisfied with the result…

And so we had a wonderful evening, with delicious food, nice performances, lovely people… and a perfect outfit! 
What more does a girl want??? 

What do you think of my party outfit?
Let me know!

Lots of love,


Testing the naturae line products from Beautique


Hello you!

A new week, a new blogpost!
This time no outfit… but a little more about these beauty products: The Naturae line of Germaine De Capuccini.
Thanks to the sweet Stefanie, I received these 4 products. She has her own beauty salon Beautique.
I’ve been testing them for more than a week now, and I love them.
The Naturae line is a natural, organic line. The products are based on White Tea extract, one of world’s most powerful and effective antioxidants.

Every day I use them in 3 steps:

In the first step, you clean your skin with the Hydrating Cleansing milk. This will take all of the dirt of your skin and makes it soft and clean.

Next step: i apply the Hydrating Toning Lotion. This one prepares your skin for the next step.

Last step is to bring on your Multi-Protection White Tea Facial Cream.
This really makes your skin very smooth.
During winter, my skin was very dry. And now it’s fully hydrated, it feels and looks healthy again.
“Once you see results, it becomes an addiction!”

Once a week, I give my face an extra treatment with this Intense Multi-Protection White Tea Mask:

So I’m very happy and enthusiastic about these beauty line products from Beautique. My skin is well cared for! 

What are your favorite beauty products??

Lots of love,



flatlay/book: DIY Beauty from Nanja Massy